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We always undertake standardized recruitment process professionally to meet our needs

Searching candidate on career sites
We are always searching candidates on career sites to find the needed qualified candidates.

Offering job vacancies to candidates
Once we found needed qualified candidates, we would offer the vacant job position to candidates via email, followed up by sending short message service to them.

Update process of CV
If a candidate is interested in a position offered and agrees to give a CV then, we directly ask him/her to fill in form A, portfolio and MBTI form.

Informing the candidate &s; doing direct selection / interview by phone
We confirm a candidate to inform him/her about placement recommended by ACE and/or our clients. Furthermore, recruitment team will confirm candidates' skills and experiences either by direct face to face/phone conversation or indirect email and SMS.

Offering Resume to Client
The selected candidates' resume will be briefed to clients.

Arranging schedule for test
If client is interested, recruitment team will arrange time for selection meeting with the selected candiddates.

Those who pass the selection phases will conduct a negotiation with a client/a user, in term of headhunter needs. The negotiation takes place with ACE in term of professional service needs.